HERING produces 8 chromatic harmonic models in 48 voices (three octaves), 4 in 64 voices (four octaves) and two of 40 voices (two octaves and a half) using various types of body-building materials, each with its characteristics in tone and sound.
So we have choices of acrylic bodies that produce a brighter sound, ABS with a softer sound and the wood with its unmistakable sound. We also have the only chromatic in the world with a Velvet Voice, which allows us to obtain a sound, as its name says, pleasantly velvety.

Chromatic 64

REF: 5164

Chromatic 64
Antique Gold

REF: 5264

Deluxe Chromatic 64

REF: 6164

Deluxe Chromatic 64 Black

REF: 6264

Chromatic 40

REF: 5140

Vintage 40

REF: 1040

Velvet Voice 48

REF: 1148

Chromatic 48

REF: 5148

Deluxe Chromatic 48

REF: 5248

Membi 48

REF: 5348

Barítono 48

REF: 6148

Hering Special 48

REF: 7148

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